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How does psychological stress affect the body?

Regardless of your current mental health obstacles, understanding the complex pieces that make you, YOU is the best place to start recovery. Psychological stress can impact the body in various different ways or many at one time.
Seven Signs Your Body’s Stressed Out:

  1. Increased anxiety

  2. Anger or easily irritable

  3. Sleeping too much or not at all

  4. Making choices uncharacteristic to you

  5. Unable to stop worrying

  6. Racing thoughts and heartbeat

  7. Feeling unmotivated by things, people, or activities you love

While society demands productivity, our emotional well-being takes the back burner in life. As we continue on, we start to realize certain aspects of yourself begin to fade. This may show in your personal or professional life, and can cause you to begin to question, “What is wrong?
Feeling better begins taking a stance for your mental wellbeing. It is time to start your search for a private counseling practice in your local area.
Five Steps to Find Private Practice Counseling that Best Fits You
1. If comfortable, ask friends or family for recommendations.
2. Search out an institute for therapist in your local area.
Some offer intake interview sessions to understand your problem and give tailored referrals.
3. If reading this, you have already started this step: search online.
Read a private counseling practice’s website and reviews. You can learn about their history and counseling approach.
4. Once locating one or a few counselors that may be a good fit, call them. Ask questions.
What school did he or she attend? What is his or her specialty? What is the general flow for scheduling? What are the fees associated with counseling sessions? Verify the details that are important to you personally.
5. Schedule your first session.
Recommendations, web searches, and phone calls are great first steps to finding the best counseling for you. But the ultimate tell-all is the in person session. Notice how you feel before, during, and after the session. Don’t feel obligated to stay with a counseling service if it doesn’t mesh well with you.


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