Identity Counseling

What causes Identity Issues?

As we mature in life, we collect parts of our family and culture to create our sense of self. A traumatic experience can cause personal identity development to enter uncertainty. Survivor behaviors come up to cope with trauma and can grow into a long-term life pattern. A lack of certainty about goals or choices can develop.
Seven Signs of Identity Issues

  1. Confusion about personal or group identity.

  2. Discontent with career or interpersonal relationships.

  3. Decreased motivation about school, work, or life in general.

  4. Feeling anxious or hopeless about the future

  5. Feeling prolonged sadness

  6. Appetite, mood, and focus difficulty

  7. Loss of interest in previous hobbies or being around friends and family.

Becoming aware of yourself and surrounding is pivotal to resolving personal identity issues. Create a reflection journal. You can document likes, dislikes, feelings towards self and others as a start. Take the time to review past life experiences and their impact on you as a person.
Self reflection is vital for growth. During self-reflection, traumatic experiences can be difficult to process alone. Counseling can help sort these experiences, and find the best suited options for your unique situation.


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