Grief Counseling Greeley

When Is It Time to Seek Grief Counseling? 

Each person’s belief and coping systems are unique to him or her.
Some cultures express grief through a predetermined time of mourning. Certain clothing or colors worn act as a recognition of the grief mourning process. These important aspects to each individual set the tone for how a person copes later in life with loss.
When someone experiences a sudden loss, it is normal to have a period of sadness and apathy.
Six Symptoms Showing It Is Time for Grief Counseling

  1. Prolonged feelings of anxiety or depression. 

  2. Denial of loved one's death.                 

  3. Substance abuse or addictive behaviors, such as gambling.

  4. Ongoing distress and unable to function in daily life.                 

  5. Crying, inability to sleep, no appetite, anger, or anxiety attacks.

  6. Struggling to complete daily basic self-care activities.                

If you or someone you know have prolonged symptoms listed above, it may be time for grief counselling.  We're located in Greeley and would love to see you for a free consultation.  Call now to schedule your appointment.


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